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Tips and Tricks for the FFXIV Newbie (Guide)

Since FFXIV is still so foreign to most of us, I thought it would be a good idea to share our own tips and tricks. Here’s a disorderly list I wrote up this morning. I’m going to compile these into a bigger guide, so please help to make it better!

  1. Make sure to spend your stat points when you level! It’s entirely possible to be at level cap with level 1 stats
  2. Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity are important for melee classes, Intelligence, Mind, and Peity for Magic users
  3. Make sure to pick up guildleves from your capital city. If you don’t register for them in town, they won’t be available at the aetheryte stone
  4. You will only regen HP if your weapon is put away (also known as being in Passive Mode); MP is only regenerated at aetheryte stones or through certain abilities
  5. Change classes simply by changing weapons! You can pick up the appropriate weapons at the desk merchants of each guild in the capital cities. Not all guilds are available in each city, so be prepared to travel if you want them all
  6. Classes are only a guideline! You can equip any skill from any class, which means how your character ends up is up to you. As a rule, melee class skills tend to compliment each other, as do magic. Find skill lists here and here
  7. While it’s possible to level every class, it would take forever to do so. We suggest choosing a main class and a sub-job which compliments it
  8. New story quests typically become available every ten levels
  9. Guild leves are the most frequent type of “guided content” available in FFXIV and are available for crafters, gatherers, and combatants alike; they’re on a 24-hour timer and are very rewarding. The first leves are typically available in the inn where you receive your first story quests. Find the quest givers by looking for glowing blue aetheryte and by the crowd of people usually surrounding them
  10. You do not have to quest to progress in the game. Grinding is one of the best ways to progress your character and is encouraged during your downtime. Note that grinding is not required early on unless you want to. If you’re comfortable playing for an hour or so a day, guild leves should nicely sustain you
  11. Use your mini-map! White dots are players, yellow dots are mobs, and red dots are guild leve targets
  12. Monster loot automatically goes into your inventory
  13. Don’t be so quick to vendor that “trash.” Even things useless to you might be important to crafters. Be sure to check before losing out on the extra gil!
  14. Don’t always assume “solo” is the best option for guildleves. As you level, try the higher options for better rewards and more challenge.
  15. Get used to playing *only* with the keyboard. You can use your mouse, but the game controls much better if you “two hand” it and leave the mouse to the side. Alternatively, the game is also optimized for use with a controller
  16. Equip new skills by going to “Actions & Traits” and selecting your weapon/class.
  17. When you die in the field, don’t wait for a ressurect! Choose “return” from the menu to warp to your aetheryte binding
  18. Don’t feel like running? Use the teleport option to warp to any aetheryte you’ve previously visited– but be careful, as it uses Anima to avoid abuse.
  19. Guilds in FFXIV are known as linkshells and you can join up to eight of them!
  20. – Check your inventory often! Loot rewards will often scroll by in your chat unseen, so make sure not to miss out
  21. Hit Ctrl+R to quickly reply in chat
  22. Num Pad – to open the menu
  23. Move the camera with J, I, K, L and zoom with O,P
  24. To take a screenshot, hold Scroll Lock + Print Screen (Scroll Lock hides the UI)
  25. /tell to tell, /sh to shout (good for talking to the wider region – text appears orange in chat)
  26. Don’t be afraid to help a stranger. This is a group-based game and the kindness of strangers will often make the difference between life and death
  27. There aren’t as many random mobs as there are in other games (for now). Maximize the grinds and guildleves by grouping up. Don’t be nervous about asking new people for help or offer your own
  28. Keep an eye out for chests! You’ll often find these while out completing leves. Word has it that higher difficulty often means better rewards in chests, too! (unconfirmed)
  29. Keep an eye out for the exclamation point on the top of your screen. It means there’s something to interact with nearby. Examine it by opening the menu and selecting the top option.
  30. Finished all your leves in one region but haven’t got your “daily 8?” Make a trip to another capital and start on those
  31. Not all professions are offered at every city. While you’re traveling, pick up the leves there!
  32. Enable the hardware mouse in the configuration utility (located in your Start Menu->SQUARE ENIX->Final Fantasy XIV Config)
  33. Not sure if your computer can handle it? Try starting the game at its lowest settings and work up. This can be done by accessing the same configuration utility and going to General->Video Settings (thanks Kailea!)
  34. When an NPC “marks your map,” check the mark by clicking “map” at the bottom of your journal entry. These marks do not appear on your normal map.

That’s all I have. How about you?


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  1. Drew

    I had these two included on my blog post yesterday, and I would definitely recommend them:

    * When doing local leves (crafting), use all the materials! While the requirement may only be that you turn in 2 pairs of boots, you were given the mats for 4 of them. By crafting all four, you’re getting free Rank XP and Level XP using free materials (at a higher rate because you’re doing a leve, no less). In addition, the more – and better – stuff you turn in, the higher your appraisal rating. This means better rewards.

    * When in combat, it is possible to turn around the enemy and hit him from behind/side while soloing. This is particularly easy to do once the mob has started a special attack of some sort. Get that extra damage in!

    The rumor is that elemental resistance choices impact what shards you get. This doesn’t seem to be holding totally true for me when fighting mobs, but does seem to have some impact when mining.

    And lastly, for soloing, Pugilist rank 6 will give you access to Second Wind (a self-heal for 250 TP). Shock Spikes (Conjurer Rank 8) also seems to be a popular and excellent choice. I’m focusing on the melee classes at the moment, so I’m going by what my LS-mates are telling me, here.

  2. Drew

    Bah, that should read Conjurer Rank eight (not a smiley face).

    Also, subligars on male characters make me want to stab my eyes out with a fork. 😀

    1. Mitchell

      So excited I found this article as it made things much qukecir!

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  3. Chris "Syeric" Coke

    Thanks Drew! I especially like the second tip. Certain mobs will turn around before trying to hit you again, too. I was using that method to kill red level mobs yesterday 🙂

  4. melissa

    As a person who has never played an FF game before, I’m afraid I need to ask for a few clarifications. This is likely game linguistics (one games stamina is anothers vitality).

    How exactly is the keyboard used? Directional arrows for movement I guess?

    What is an aetherite stones equivalent in other games or maybe you could post some screen shots?

    What do you mean by the anima being used to avoid abuse of the travel device? Maybe these are more console game terms.

    The game looks very interesting.

    1. Chris

      Hi Melissa,

      I’m happy to clarify. Sorry the initial tips were a bit confusing. Sometimes we take previous knowledge for granted.

      – The keyboard is used much like other MMOs for movement, WASD. You can also control the camera orientation with J,L,I,K (left, right, up, down) and O,P for zooming in and out. The main menu is opened by pressing “numpad -” and navigated with the arrow keys. 1-0 are your skills, tab to select the target, and enter to lock on.

      – An aetheryte stone is a big crystal that you bind to. It functions like an inn in WoW or similar bindpoint. It’s also the main hub for guild leves outside of the major cities. When you get to the aetheryte, you can interact with it through the main menu, which opens another window that lets you choose which guild leves you’d like to attempt. When you complete a leve, you’re given the option to teleport back there to start another one which also restores your HP and MP (mana).

      – Anima is a point system used for teleporting between different aetheryte stones. Once you’ve bound to one once, you can teleport back there again at any time. Teleportation, as a form of instant travel, costs anima points to use (usually 4 from what I’ve seen, but it may be more if you’re traveling a long distance). You start off with 100 and they regenerate very slowly; points replenish at a rate of 1 every four hours (in Earth time, you don’t have to be online). So, if you teleport all the time and use up those 100 points, you’ll have to wait before you can do it again. The developers just didn’t want people skipping normal travel entirely, so they use anima to make sure you’re not teleporting all the time.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Drew

    Now that I have them – Shock Spikes are a definite must if you intend to do any soloing. The “Stun” procs on them quite frequently.

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