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The weekend is upon us again and hopefully you’ve picked up your copy of Fallen Earth and are settling in for a productive trip into the waste land. As I’ve played, I’ve noticed a lot of questions pop up again and again on the help channel so I thought it’d be good to send us out of the work week with some basic information for players new to the game.

This list is a work in progress as, to be honest, there’s still a lot I don’t know myself. If you’ve got a tip, share it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

By the way, for the moment, these are presented in no particular order. I wrote them up as I was playing.


  1. Craft. Life is expensive for a non-crafter and gathering materials is easy. You can also craft while you’re adventuring and even while you’re offline. It’s not a “sit here, stay here” activity in Fallen Earth.
  2. Gathering and Crafting are learned from “kits” sold by vendors. Pick all of these up when you first start. My advice is to sell all of your food drops until you have enough chips to pick these up. Level your gathering as you level your character and life will be easier for you.
  3. Gather evertything even if you don’t plan on using what you collect. Sell these items for money towards materials you WILL need to craft for your particular tradeskill. Some drops are rarer than others and the RNG can hate you. Be prepared to buy if you want to level you craft quickly.
  4. Crafting skills are capped based on your intelligence and perception. Put AP into intelligence to immediately raise your potential gathering cap.
  5. Wondering what stats to focus on for the path you want to take? See what the game suggests by opening your attributes panel (press ‘V’) and select your focus from the drop down menu in the upper right. The game will highlight what attributes you should focus on. Another guide I read suggests focusing on your primary attack attribute first and then putting AP into the attributes that support that skill. That’s what I’m doing and it’s working well. Be careful though and don’t spend all of your points too quickly. You’ll have to save some for intelligence and perception too if you’re planning on crafting.Career Suggestions
  6. And don’t forget armor use. I couldn’t figure out how to wear a glove until I tossed a couple of points into it.Syeric in 3D
  7. Inventory cluttered? Click the icon in the upper right hand and make a new tab. Or three. I have mine set to sort weapons, armor, trade items, and quest items into their own tabs. MUCH more manageable.Inventory Management
  8. If you’re not sure where a trade item drops, don’t bother with help chat. Head to the tutorial mob outside your cloning dock. Clicking through his dialogue will tell you where to collect basic items for every trade.
  9. Taking forever to get to your quest waypoint (the red ‘x’ on your minimap? Hit ‘M’ to open your map and then uncheck “overhead” to get a better perspective on things.Map
  10. There’s virtually no difference before Anisotropy 2 and 16 but a huge difference between 1 and 2.  Stick with 2 and save your performance.
  11. There’s virtually no difference between dynamic lights 9 and 16. Stick with 9 and save your performance.
  12. Crossbows count as rifles early on. Zip Guns count as pistols. Both fall under the “Ballistics” tradeskill. To quickly gain points, focus on making zip gun ammo. It’s cheap to buy and you need less of it than crossbow bolts.
  13. Crafting nodes and mobs are logical with the loot they drop. That pile of tires will probably get you rubber. The old muffler or broken down car will probably get you metal, or some leather. Killing raiders may just get you some sweet, sweet, beer. Or some boring cotton cloth. Can I drink cotton? No. Lazy raider.
  14. Use your bow to pull mobs, then “Ctrl + Mousewheel Backwards” to your heavy melee weapon to finish them off.
  15. Zip Gun ammo goes quick. Aim for the head.
  16. Crafting a horse should be an early goal. ATVs eat gas and cost a lot to make/run. Horses replenish their own fuel and are cheap to craft. You’ll also need to know how to make them when you do later crafting in the game.

    My Horse

    My new horse!

  17. Horse merchants are usually at garages. Garages, from what I’m told, are typically found by following the road out of town. This is also where you’ll find the NPC that will “tow” your mount back to you should you die in the wilderness.
  18. When you do make your first “horse bridle” splurge on the extra horse feed and turn it into a “riding horse bridle.” I’m doing this right now as I’m told the riding horses have more stamina and last longer.
  19. Try to do crafting when you logout and make sure to quit in a training facility. Your items will finish quicker.

That’s all for now. I hope they help you enjoy your new stay in Desolation. Remember to add me to your friends list if you’re feeling lonely. You and me and a mutant chicken make three.

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