The Multiverse – Episode #3: Epic Riknas


Riknas Online - Coming December 2035

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Episode #3 of Riknas, Ferrel’s, and my pet project. We got together a little bit late this past week, so sorry about being a day late. This week, we talked about storytelling, immersion, and, yes, Epic Riknas. What is an Epic Riknas you might ask? Only the best up and coming MMO out there! Riknas Online is set to launch sometime in 2035, alongside Chris: The Final Frontier, a virtual reality version of the Oregon Trail. It’ll be a box set.

We were also happy to be joined by Ryan, writer here, and operator of our host, Vagary TV. Ryan’s currently a staff member on one MUD and the main developer for another, so he had an interesting perspective on how content gets presented to the player. Thanks for joining us, Ryan!

If you enjoyed the show, we’d love to hear about it in the comments or through an iTunes review (iTunes reviews will get honored on the show… *wink wink*). You can also feel free to contact us directly at multiversepodcast@gmail.com.

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*EDIT: If you’re getting distortion at the beginning of this file, please note that it’s because of the web player. Your download won’t have this. I’m trying a re-upload tonight to fix it. If you use the web player to tune in, please let me know if you experience issues.

Show Notes: Episode #3 – “Epic Riknas” recorded 12/21/09

  • Introduction

    • What have we been up to the past two weeks?!

    • Let’s get to know Ryan

  • Big News

    • Fallen Earth gets the social patch – drinking, gambling, and sleeping in tents! Sounds like a weekend camping in the woods.

    • Anarchy Online’s getting a facelift – now only two years behind the times. We kid, we kid!

    • Bioware reveals Tatooine will be included in SW:TOR. Mmmmmm…. sandy.

    • Patch 3.3 – anyone hear of this thing? I’m lost.

  • Round Table –

    • Storytelling – What’s good, what’s bad, what can be done, and will it succeed?

      • Epic Riknas – the fully Riknas themed MMO.

    • Immersion – How do we get immersed, does it matter (raiding/pvp), favorite story/immersion moments.

  • Host Segments

  • Shout Outs:


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