My new main game and plans for break

And the winner is… Fallen Earth with forty-two percent of the vote! Aion came in a close second with thirty-six percent and LotRO in last with only twenty-one percent. That settles it. From here on out, I’ll prioritizing my game play in that order. Thank you to everyone who submitted your vote.

I also had another pleasant surprise yesterday, today and tomorrow are mid-term break! Don’t ask me how I missed that little bit of information last week because I don’t know. But I did. On top of that, it looks like I don’t have anything assigned over break either, so I have today and tomorrow to dive into FE!

And dive I will. I’ve been listening to the LifeNet podcast over at Lagwar and they’ve been getting me excited to dig further into the game. My main goal for the next two days is to level my crafting enough to get a horse. It doesn’t seem like it will be that hard and, as I highlighted in my last FE post, they just look cool. Not to mention, their energy slowly replenishes itself, unlike the ATV, making it the most economical choice for someone new to the game. Somewhere down the line, I’ll probably craft the four-wheeler but, from what I’ve heard, they’re costly to fuel. My ultimate aim is to get a motorcycle.

a bike with bite

a bike with bite

I did decide to delete my old character and start anew, however. I made the mistake of using AP before I really knew what path I wanted to go. Not to mention, now that I’ve been through the early quests once, I should be able to go through a little quicker and a little wiser with my ammunition. My plan for this version of Syeric (Syeric 2.0) is to focus on rifles and crafting with tradeskills of ballistics and science, with maybe a little dabbling in armorsmithing for fun. Rifles seem like he natural choice for PvP since they allow you to sniper off your enemies from afar. Ballistics and science compliment that by allowing you to make your own ammunition and scopes. Since my goal is to do ranged DPS, I’ll be focusing more on mastering my crossbow rather than my zipguns.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

Apart from Fallen Earth, I also think I’ll spend a little time working on my Assassin in Aion. I’m about a quarter of the way through level 24, so in another level I’ll be able to go into the Abyss and experience some real PvP. On top of that, the first real Asmodian dungeon, the Training Grounds, opens up at 25 too and I’m interested to see what Aion’s version of dungeon running looks like. I’d heard most encounters were pretty much tank and spank but I’m hoping there’s a little more complexity than that.

Time will tell, but without devoting most of my playtime to Aion, I doubt I’ll get there before the end of Tuesday. I’m currently using KFGuides leveling guide, to help me keep pace with the faster levelers despite my more casual playstyle, but the formula for “speed leveling” at this point consists of doing 10 quests and then grinding out a million or so XP.

That’s the plan, though! Thanks again for the votes and advice. I’m glad to have a clear path again and, with Fallen Earth being the winner, hopefully I can help support this awesome indie title.

We’ll see you again tonight with the winner of the Aion free trial!

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