Fallen Earth opens trials for its live event

Hey all,

According to a tip from the Sypster, Icarus Studios is opening the doors to its game so that non-subscribers can take a peek at it’s upcoming live event, Days of the Dead. The event will be Halloween themed (if you couldn’t tell) and will feature lots of neat stuff, such as building scarecrows that attract zombies.

The free trial will be 15, count ’em, 15 days long. Keys for the event will be given out at Ten Ton Hammer, Massively, and MMORPG.com. Since they’re being distributed from third parties, keys will be in limited supply and probably dispersed quickly. If you’ve been checking the game out but haven’t made the jump for a purchase, this is your chance to get the inside scoop.

There are no dates listed on the FAQ page for this event but they encourage you to check with each site for specific dates and distribution information. So, these are the sites to watch until we know more.

Anyhow, that was too juicy to pass up. Good luck in getting your keys!

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