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So long, Dungeon Runners – January 1st, 2010

Dungeon Runners was a game that I never played as much as I meant to. It’s funny how that tends to happen more with MMOs than any other kind of game I’m interested in. I’d dabbled from time to time, shot a few fireballs and earned some loot. But, it was always a filler for an hour or two before I’d jump into something more meaty. It was a funny game and made me laugh at it’s MMO themed satire. Few other games even tried to lace humor in to the degree they did, even if it only worked some of the time.

Apparently, a lot of people found themselves in the same seat since, as lead producer/programmer Stephen Nichols puts it, the game’s just not “cutting the mustard.” I’ll forgive him for the condiment reference in his self-dubbed “crap sandwich” of a Dear John letter but the point is they just weren’t making enough money.

This isnt Ironforge and those arent dwarves

This isn't Ironforge and those aren't dwarves

Even if Dungeon Runners wasn’t a true to form MMO, I still find myself a little regretful when I hear about game’s talking the long walk. If I’d spent

more time playing whatever doomed title it may be, maybe I would have really

enjoyed myself. The realization that one more option for fun is off the table, even if I may not have taken it up, is a downer.

Well, I guess that means I’ll have one more game to squeeze into my lineup while I have the chance. They’re increasing XP gains and mythic item drops to help the remaining players see the game while they have the chance. Put in other words, they have the cheese and are putting it outside the mousehole.

Jerry would be proud… and probably decked out with sweet loots. Planning on giving it a go before they shut down? Let me know if you do. Maybe we can go after our epic turkey legs together.

(Thanks to Broken Toys for the tip)

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