The “Twit Generation” vs. Us – and Why Your Memory is a Little Cloudy

Apparently SynCaine and I stirred up a bit of a controversy yesterday on where exactly MMOs should be heading and who should be playing them. That’s well and good, but reading some of the responses has me a little concerned, so let’s dig a little deeper.

Let me just say, unequivocally, if you’re one of the people saying busy adults need to find another genre, you’re a moron. Don’t try to justify it, you’re wrong. People who play MMOs do so because of the (ever lessening) uniqueness of it. I think Wilhelm says it best:

After a big world full of live people, a single player game can seem a bit “meh.” […] Yes, your actions can change the world, but only you and the computer notice, and who cares what the computer thinks.

I may not have as much time as a hardcore player, but that doesn’t mean I should cut myself off because “playsomethingelse” says so. We all play these games for the same reason and available time doesn’t enter into that.

That said, there is a whole other issue being raised here and it’s one of difficulty. There’s been a lot of comments on how “easy” things have become. If your main metric for difficulty is how long it takes to level, you’re kidding yourself. Time =/= challenge. It’s an arbitrary barrier that amounts to nothing more than keeping your sub active. Is there a place for it? Sure. This is an RPG we’re talking about and the highest levels shouldn’t be handed to players on a silver platter. But was Everquest “harder” than WoW because it took 2000 hours to level? Definitely not.

What SynCaine refers to as Farmville-level effort is still harder than what Everquest offered:

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