The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 05 – “Who Needs Corrupted Coins When There’s Sony?”

Hey Gang,

Season 02, Episode 05. Yeah. Awesome stuff. Sometimes I wonder how we made it this far. Then I remember the great guy I do this thing with — thanks Adam! — who won’t let me slack! We’re definitely finding our groove this season, so I hope it shows through for you.

This week we spend a good amount of time talking about the issues with Sony, RIFT’s Patch 1.2 and if it’s showing a decline, indie and triple-A, and where the future of MMOs really lies.

If you enjoy the show, remember to leave us an iTunes review. Adam is extending his offer another week: If we pass 24 total iTunes reviews, we’ll give away a free month of playtime to your favorite MMO. If we pass 38 reviews, we’ll hook up three of you with free months. Cool stuff, eh?

Without further adieu, enjoy the show!

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