PSA: Vagary is Looking for a Few Good Podcasts!

Just a head’s up to everyone considering or already running their own podcast: Vagary.TV is interested in bringing you into our network! We’re a gaming network specializing in written and auditory content spanning all systems and genres. We currently have a team just shy of 20 dedicated gamers that love creating custom content on their shows and for the site.

Here’s what Vagary can bring interested volunteers:

  • Free podcast and website hosting
  • Advertisers and the potential to earn based on your audience (we are currently sponsored by Go Daddy)
  • A custom wordpress-based website – we can help with art and layout but give you the reins if you’re comfortable with that freedom
  • Press passes to big events such as PAX or E3 (E3 is competitive and slots are filling fast) – this means free entry and extra access to developers and booths
  • Access to the Games Press PR data base and an official email for developer/studio contacts; free opportunity to pursue review copies and materials for your use on the site/podcast
  • Support for any technical or content-production issues that may arise

Right now, we’re looking for individual shows with a single game (MMO) emphasis or a non-game focus to expand our existing audience; however, we’re always open to quality, highly produced shows of any sort. If you’re interested ask yourself, do you and your show have:

  • A specific format – what makes your show your show?
  • High production values – this means editing and post-processing, such as noise removal, bass boost, and other “touch ups” to give your show that extra polish

If your show meets these requirements and you feel your show would be a good match for the Vagary network, please send an inquiry to talent@vagary.tv with the name of your show and a sample piece of audio.

We’re looking forward hearing from you!

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