How the PS3 Hack Might Wreck Your Favorite Games

This disturbs me to no end. You know, honestly, before today the depth of my emotion for the PS3 GeoHot hack didn’t really breach disappointment. Well, that’s done. 

In case you missed it, a man named George Hotz found the root encyption key for the Playstation 3 and effectively blew the system wide open. While he doesn’t advocate piracy, he may as well because making this tool publically available on the “honor system” is about the same as leaving the keys in a running lamborghini. Of course, people are now using the system to pirate PS3 games and install all sorts of extra programs. You know, doing the same thing that made creating  new games on the PSP pointless.

But, now it really hits home. The hackers have found a way to exploit Modern Warfare 2 to the point where entering into one of these hacked servers can reset you down to level 1. Nevermind the fact that aimbotting is bad enough on its own. Some people might write this off as a non-issue since Black Ops is the new hot. Well, I’m sorry, but there are lots of reasons to prefer MW2 over BO, or heck, maybe even like BOTH — and a good 200,000 people agreed with me last night.

So now, I’d like to get this off of my chest. This is inexcusable. Sony can remotely shut down hacked PS3s and now is the time to do it. I don’t care that they spent $200 or more on the system. Brick it. I, and MANY others, didn’t do anything wrong here and now we have to suffer broken, exploited multiplayer in a game we payed $60 for. And not just any game, the game of 2010. It’s still in the top 3 of most played online. And you’d better believe it’s only the start. Why exactly should I, a fair player, lose out because 15-year-old, foul mouthed, racist Billy of the [KKK] clan, wants insta-kill,no-aim headshots? Wants the lawls of resetting my hundreds of hours of gameplay. Kick them out of the game now and show the community that you give a damn. Don’t just sue some random loser who already accomplished what he set out to do. Now is the time to set a damn precedent before it goes any further. We, the non-cheaters, are the freaking lifeblood of your company and if you doubt that, let this slide.

And if the reports are true and the only solution to the hack is to release new hardware, this is your only option. I won’t spend another $200 on a system just to make up for your lack of guts. I’ll trade in and buy an Xbox 360 if I was changing at all.

As it stands now, my favorite game of last year is worthless. Is it worth trading in over? No, probably not. But I certainly won’t be keeping that game around for much longer.

My big concern is that this is only the beginning. With the PS3 being blown wide open, any game that relied on platform protection is now fair game. Let’s hope the studios doubted Sony from the start. That’s a great thing to hope, isn’t it?

So, thanks hackers. You’ve proven yourselves cheap, moral-less dirtbags again. I hope you got your rocks off because wrecking other people’s online is the same thing as stealing money out of their pockets. Feel good, but if there’s one thing that will drive the message of piracy home, it’s making the average person suffer. Nice work.

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