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The Multiverse – Episode #29: “Refer a Nation, Get a Mount”

Hey Guys,

Another week, another Multiverse! This week, the part of Riknas is being played by Jeremy of the MMO Voices podcast! We always have a good time when members of the MMOV crew join us and this time was no different. Thanks to him for joining us and best of luck to Riknas who was out for the SATs!

We talk about the weeks news, including:

  • Turbine doubling their revenues and tripling their mailbox dancing!
  • Darkfall comes out with its latest expansion and releases rockable ponies for players to race on!
  • More information on Undead Labs zombie MMO!

We follow up with a talk about free trials, demos, and other fun “try it now” options and weigh out the merit/drawbacks of each.

It was a great show. Be sure to stay until the end for a special surprise from Ferrel. Remember, if you like the show, participate by sending us an email at multiversepodcast@gmail.com or leaving an iTunes review.

See you next week for Germany-cast number two!

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[audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse29.mp3]


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  1. hunter

    good episode. I may be a fanboy, I am I really am, but I think what ferrel was saying about dealing with ways to allow high level friends to play with low level people and making content that nobody ever steps into again once they’re a high level, really reflects on what Arenanet is doing with guild wars 2. their sidekicking system that not only allows people to scale upwards for higher level content, but also downwards for when higher level people play low level areas seems targeted at that exact kind of situation.

    not to mention scaling of their ‘dynamic events’ and how those events chain so its not the exact same thing every time you move through the area. From what I hear Rifts is also moving in this direction but i haven’t seen enough of what they’re doing to comment.

  2. Maxivik

    Are you guys still streaming at 7:30pm east fridays?

    1. Chris

      We do usually, yeah. This week we didn’t because I was frazzled to crap before the show. Hope we didn’t miss ya!

  3. Maxivik

    My group of players have been playing League of Legends exclusively at this point, drifting away from SC2. It is one of the most enjoyable games that I’ve played in a while. Thanks for getting this game out in the open!

  4. Scarybooster

    Thank you for the blog of the week mention. Odd that I got the link from a post I wrote today though. Anyway, I’m kind of proud I got to be blog of the week next to Tobold and Pink Pigtail Inn

    1. Chris "Syeric" Coke

      Yeah, sorry about that. I forgot to link up active posts when I initially posted this, so I fixed it with the latest posts from each of you.

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