The Multiverse – Episode #28: “Guest Starring: Beau and Leala Turkey”

Hey Gang,

Episode 28! Minecraft! Turkeys!

This week we were happy to be joined by Beau and Leala Turkey. You’ll recognize them both as big members of the community. Together they write the Spouse Aggro blog and podcast. Separately, Beau is a columnist for Massively and writes the Free For All and Rise and Shiny columns. Leala is the host the very popular Ravenwood Radio podcast and designer of MMO Voices (which the two started and run together).

We had a plan for a main topic but we wound up having such a good time during the interview that we let it take us where it would. We wind up talking about about WoW, Wizard 101, gamer mentality between “kids” and “adult” games, behind the scenes at Massively.com, what it’s like to work with a large child-based audience (kid stalkers?), and the real scoop on the main free-to-play fears from someone who’s played more of them than most other of us combined.

This was a very fun episode to record and we want to thank Beau and Leala for joining us again. We’ve been following their projects forever and it was great to finally talk to them. We have some great discussion, so let us know what you think in the comments!

Remember to check out their projects and enter to win some Zentia swag! Also, they’d appreciate any help you could give towards meeting their goal for their Extra Life Gaming Marathon for Kids. Go here to donate.

If you like the show, consider dropping us a 5-star iTunes review. We have a little bit of a backlog of iTunes reviews, so get in now and we’ll highlight you on the show. Don’t worry Jeremy Stratton, we haven’t forgotten about you 😀

Enjoy the show!

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