FFXIV Collector’s Edition – Pictures!

Hey Gang,

I got lucky and was able to pick up a CE edition of FFXIV without a pre-order — one of only three available in my area. I was pretty excited, so I took pictures of the unboxing. Here’s a picture of the full, big box:

The box came with a firm plastic cover with the title and other labels on it. The actual box doesn’t have anything other than the art.

To keep from spamming the main page too much, follow after the cut for more!

Back of the box. The paper in the back was a slip page with with everything you’d usually find on the back of a video game.

I like how it opens like a book. The journal is real leather and features a map, lots of blank pages for writing, and concept art in the front and back. The only problem is that, after taking the game case out once, it refuses to stay put and comes loose every time I open it.

There’s actually a little introductory page that comes before this. It says something along the lines of “This journal belongs to a brave adventurer who endured the perils of Eorzea” or something like that. Nice touch.

An example of the art in the back of the book. There’s got to be a dozen or so of these spreads. Each blank page also features a colorless imprint of game art as well.

Non-USB security token. Works just like a Blizzard Authenticator. I still don’t know if I’m going to use this, since I’d bet it’s a pain to remove if it ever breaks.

Image from the slip sheet of the certificate you can mail in for. There’s a little card with the code for it but this picture is better.

The making-of DVD. I was a little disappointed that it’s just the “Making of a Realm” videos. I haven’t watched it yet, so maybe there’s more.

The whole she-bang. Sorry this one’s a little blurry. I was using the camera on my LG Dare to take this.

That’s it, though! If you’re in, be sure to find me on the Mysidia server. I’ll be going by the name Syeric Swiftwind and play with the Servants of the Twelve linkshell. See you soon!

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