The Multiverse – Episode #24: “The Grand Return”

Woah, two shows in one day?!?! Slow down, cowboy!

Since we had technology troubles on 23.5, we got together again to do episode 24 proper justice. On this episode, we cut out the news and extras and get right into an hour of round table. This week, we’re talking:

  • Negativity in MMOs,
  • Used game sales, who’s to blame?
  • Half-MMOs

The show came out great and is wonderfully tangential. We use our topics as a launching point and expand, but, hey, we bring it back around, I think.

Oh, and links. Got to have links:

We’re trying a new topic format, so let us know what you think! Also, big kudos to Ferrel for editing. It’s a bigger job than you’d think and he’s doing great with it.

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