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New Rules

I’m kicking this Real ID business off of the top spot! Yesterday’s news, I say. Instead, I thought I’d take a cue from Bill Maher and drop a couple new rules on world of gaming and blogging.

  1. If you see a pile of gold, you should be able to loot it. I mean, really. Do you know how many times I’ve tried clicking on a pile of gold that turned out to be a set piece? That dragon we just killed sure would have been pissed. I can understand not being able to loot everything. But it’s gold. We’re picking that stuff up everywhere. If there’s a pile, we should be able to click it.
  2. If you make an “I Quit” post, you should really have to quit. I’m tired of seeing people say they “quit” a game only to be playing it again the next week. Perhaps we need a new definition of quit because, to MMO bloggers anyways, it doesn’t mean “to stop.” This is especially true for WoW. Plus, it just makes you look flaky.
  3. Let me loot the damn sword. If a boss is using it in the battle, I should be able to loot it when he dies. Half the time, you can see him holding it. Why can’t I take it? Keep the “random number generator” out of reality. It’s lame.
  4. Enough is enough with this raider elite thing. If you’re playing WoW, raiding isn’t elite. Everyone that wants to do it can. Ergo, not elite. Normal. Let’s not forget, too, that competition only matters to people that started playing more than two years ago. Elite raiders don’t exist. They just think they do.
  5. Quit including China! If you want to quote subscription numbers, quit including the Chinese. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chinese. But, they don’t subscribe and therefore don’t matter. Quit telling me about them.
  6. Gearscore should be renamed HighScore. People should feel bad for blaming GearScore for the way people behave. It’s not GearScore’s fault — it only puts a number on the way WoW’s been designed since inception. So, let’s call it HighScore. Now, we can all feel tingly as we reminisce about Pac-Man.
  7. Syp is never allowed to leave town again. It only gets worse each time, Syp. Dr. Evil may just pop up next time and demand von million dollars! Or, we’ll all get infected with the KillUrPcLoL Worm that steals our login information, bankrupts our accounts, and shards our purples. Is reality really worth the risk?

What about you, any new rules you’d like to create?


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  1. Genda

    When I loot a badger, I don’t want it dropping plate gear. Yes, I’d like to see plate gear drop. I’m thinking it should drop off, I don’t know, HUMANS? C’mon, ffs. Oh, and I don’t want to know where the badger was carrying that 30 S, 12 C, either.

  2. Victor Stillwater

    Redistribution of wealth so that people can afford food, housing, and other bare necessities.

    Oh wait? IN-GAME?

    Everyone gets decent internet speeds across the world so they can all play MMOs?

  3. Ysharros

    8. Any female avatar that attempts to dance naked on top of a mailbox will instantly burst into flame and be permakilled. Corollary to which, all the male players DOING that will receive a dozen electric shocks where it *really* hurts to remind them that women have enough problems already without some asshole whoring himself out as a woman.

    Ahem. That will be all.

    Oh, and peace on earth. Yeah!

  4. hunter

    if every thing you can see wielded dropped every time you would have quite the flood of loot. i have a whole post about how people complaining about (no offence) badgers dropping plate is a pet peeve of mine.

  5. Maxivik

    If you have an in game pet, you should be actually responsible for it. If it pees you should have to spend five minutes cleaning it up. Teach some kids that pets are a lot of work.

  6. Yogi

    Hehe. I like it. This post gives me so many ideas… Good post bud.

  7. Scarybooster

    When queued for a random, it is not ok to take a shower. Just take a baby wipe bath and keep banging away at the keyboard.

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