Hey Guys,

Here’s a fun fact I don’t think I’ve mentioned before: Game by Night was never meant to be a solo project. Actually, when I bought the domain and set it up, I invited a couple of friends to help in the task. Ryan comes by from time to time, but I think it’s about time I open the door and give an official invitation for you to join my blog.

To ask a reader to become a regular contributor is a big thing. So, this is a no pressure deal. I’m happy writing here with Ryan and others popping in from time to time. There are even a couple of familiar faces waiting in the wings to post here. Still, I’ve never officially put out the word that we’re looking for new members to join the team. So, here’s the word!

If you’re interested, please send an email to admin@gamebynight.com and we can talk. The only pre-requisite I’d ask for is the ability to proofread your work, since I can’t guarantee to act as an editor on every post that gets submitted. Also, to get this out there, this is a write what you want, when you want, type deal.

To our regular readers, no worries; nothing will change here. This is pretty much just an announcement of what should have been announced months ago 🙂

– Chris

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