The Multiverse – Episode #5: “Semi-Intelligent Manchild”

Hi Everyone,


The manchild

For your listening pleasure, we give you the day late Episode 5 of The Multiverse. We had a lot of fun recording this one but we went about it a little bit differently. Rather than highly editing everything, we approached it like we were live. Behind the scenes, these episodes usually take me about three hours to produce. This is our effort to cut that down to about an hour, so please let me know what you think and which way you prefer the show. I think it came out good.

Be sure to tune in after the ending music for a couple of bonus segments. During the first we talk about the Dante’s Inferno demo (well, to be fair, it’s mostly me gushing and trying to convince Ferrel to try it, but some funny stuff comes out of it). Second, we give you a sneak peak into what happens between the segments…

Oh, and about the title… well, you’ll have to listen to the bonus parts to get that, I guess. 😉

Here are today’s notes:

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Listen Here: [audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse05.mp3]

Show Notes – January 19th, 2010

Music for Today’s Show:

– Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Hyrule Field Theme
– Legend of Zelda (NES) – Overworld Theme
– Goldeneye 007 – Nintendo 64
– Thrice – So Strange I Remember You

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