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Prepare For Holiday Gaming Bundles

It’s that time of year again, folks. With the holidays just around the corner, companies all across the gaming industry are preparing new ways to interest players in purchases. We’ve reached a point in 2015 at which gaming is always going to be expensive, unless you happen to prefer mobile apps and online arcades to …

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Xbox 360: Three reasons why NOT to get Modern Warfare 2

1. Shitty community 2. Shitty community 3. Shitty community Did I mention tiny maps, overpowered weapons, rampant cheating, and shitty community? I’ve been playing Modern Warfare the first for a couple of months now, since a buddy offered to sell the GOTY version to me for $20. In that time, I’ve had to resort to …

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I finally enjoy first person shooters – but an MMO?

Well, it took a little while but I’m finally having fun playing online multiplayer for an FPS. That’s actually the main reason for my absence yesterday. A little bit of history might help explain the situation a little bit. My history with First Person Shooters goes back to the days of Doom. I loved that …

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