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Fiction: The Deemed – Part 2 (by Chris)

The conclusion Raith and Joanna’s post-apocalyptic adventure. Well, maybe not post-apocalyptic. Post-virus? If you’re just joining us now, check out part one here. The tale continues. Follow me after the break to see what happens.

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Fiction: The Deemed – Part 1 (by Chris)

Step into a world ravaged by an unstoppable virus. After the death of his parents, Raith decides to brave his now empty town. The dead abound and signs of destruction litter the streets. He believes he’s all alone until little Joanna finds him. But, how alone are they really? And if they live to see the …

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Short fiction from multiple authors a real possibility

Hi everyone, When I started this blog, I made sure to include a section for short fiction. I decided to do this because I love to write stories when the mood strikes. This semester, I’m lucky enough to be in a fiction writer’s workshop. I’ve seen some really exceptional work — stuff that could be …

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