Looking for screenshots!

Hi Everyone,

I’m planning on starting a new series of articles and I’m in need of screenshots! Specifically, I’m in need of screenshots from your MMOs that you think are particularly picturesque. The series will be called “Games Are Art” and I’d like to feature screenshots that really capture the beauty of whatever game they’re from.A lot of things within our games could be considered art, yet a lot of people just don’t buy it. With this series, I’d like to take the most obvious aspects of our games, the visuals, and focus in on them.

If you have any screenies you’re particularly fond of, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d be kind enough to share them with me. The game doesn’t matter but please include which it’s from. Location and context are also appreciated, if you feel like sharing a little bit about your picture.

Please send these in to: Chris@gamebynight.com

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