Mortal Online: Tea-bagging? You wish.

I’m floored.

Really. Not only did I almost get caught looking at a naked man but I did so looking up information on a video game. Thank you to Keen for the tip.

Apparently, this news has been around for a while but Mortal Online, the upcoming PvP ultra-niche, plans on featuring full frontal nudity.

All daring development decisions aside, why?. I don’t get it. Are they including this to pull in the teen audience? If so, I’d like to know how many teenage boys really want to see a parade of wangs every time they go into a major city. Maybe Star Vault never saw the rampant homophobia happened in Darkfall’s chat.

Still, the appeal of virtual boobies and cha-chas might lure some of them in. It worked for Conan, after all, and we all know how that turned out.

Maybe it’s meant to set them apart and really earn their M-rating. By the time you’re done with Mortal Online, you’ll be so mature you’ll feel nostalgic for the days when tea-bagging was still PG-13.

You know, the thing is, I really don’t mind the idea of full nudity. That in itself doesn’t bother me since, realistically, you’ll wind up getting used to it and even if you don’t, the “nudity” is just a few tiny pixels that should be easy to ignore. It’s just that when you consider the main audience that will enjoy a hardcore-PvP game I see too much potential for to have it shoved in your face… no pun intended. Naked mail box jumping. Naked auction house jumping. Naked combat jumping. The list goes on.

Taken from the official forums:

Do you think that it’s likely that some enterprising player(s) will form a guild, or build a tavern, or such, with topless waitresses, dancing, etc?”

As always, an enterprising bunch. In answer to the question, probably. And I’m sure a bunch of adolescent boys will make a point to visit these places every time they get the chance. Me? I’ll avoid the breathy kid in the corner, thanks.

Yet, someone sees reason a little further down the page.

Ugh, taking cybering out of the /tells and into tangible parts of the games… I can just see there’ll be cybering shops now, people hanging out, drooling over each other’s avatars, before going up to a room and doing the deed…..”

The deed” as defined by Not Just Another Love Story. Still his prediction rings true. What’s that Mom? No, I’m not on that site again! It’s a video game! No, don’t cut the cord! Mooooooooom!

Besides, if full nude had a place in MMOs, videos like this would never be made.

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