The Multiverse – Episode #2: “Skinemax”

Hi Everybody,

Another two weeks, another episode of the Multiverse! This time, we went late night Cinemax on you. Thus, this is episode two: “Skinemax.” We had a lot of fun recording this episode and I think it shows. Editing went much quicker and I have more hosting lessons under my belt (darn my ever changing crutch word). See: shock collar.

We also changed up the music for this episode. We’re all around, as you’ll see in the notes.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Without further adieu, join us after the cut for the notes.

Show Notes: 12/4/09

– Introduction:

o What We’re Playing

o Big News –

§ The Aion Vision Trailer

· New Features: swimming, underwater cities and dungeons, more quests and a revamp to the questing system currently in place, new classes and skills for existing classes, new weapons, a reworked combat system that puts more emphasis on action, DirectX 10 graphics, tamable animals that can be used in the all new mounted combat system, dynamic weather, player housing and villages, and a siege system.

· Is this realistic or a bait back for players who have left?

§ Siege or Mirkwood Releases

· New Features: Level to 65, explore Mirkwood, new 3 and 6 person dungeons, a new 12 person raid where you face the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, updated mount system, skirmishes, updated combat and mount systems, hundreds of new quests and zone updates, and more.

§ NCsoft releases the second Guild Wars II trailer

– Round Table:

o Topic #1 -Siege of Mirkwood (trailer here)

§ What’s changed and what are our impressions?

· (See above for changes)

· Chris gushes about the combat changes. Nerf to the game?

§ Are they needed, how do they change the game?

o Topic #2 – Classic vs. Modern Design (Main Topic)

§ Classic design: not necessarily quest driven; sandbox; less hand-holding; less forgiving; less directed; player freedom; harder to level; not everyone can do everything; may be considered niche; more risk taking; more “world” over “game;” meaningful crafting.

§ Modern design: quest driven; very directed; end game emphasis; very forgiving; something for everyone; everyone has the opportunity to achieve everything; theme park; more opportunities for casual play; more “game” over “world.”

§ “Fluff” content

– Host Segments:

o Ferrel’s Corner: Guild management tip of the week – What to do about that adversarial member

o Riknas’ Free Game of the Week: Dungeons and Dragons Online

o Chris’ Blog of the Week: Casual Stroll to MordorEpisode #13

– Shout Out’s – Thank you for the support!!

o MMO Voices, Dungeons and Draenei, Kalibre Online, Guild Portal, Copperbird, Slurms, OpenEdge1 – Simple n’ Complex

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Coheed and Cambria – Ten Speed of God’s Blood and Burial

Ne-Yo – Miss Independent

Frank Sinatra – Luck be a Lady and My Way

Soulja Boy – Kiss Me Through the Phone

All That Remains – Regret Not

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