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My appearance on MMO Voices is live

Jeremy just posted the 9th edition of the MMO Voices podcast. They were nice enough to have me along as a guest and we had some really interesting conversation. Thanks to the MMO Voices guys for indulging me and my podcast noobness.

Topics we talked about:

– Micro-transactions: teaching kids to spend money?
– Pets in WoW
– Windows 7: the Review
– Dragon Age: Origins

If you’re a podcast fan, I highly encourage you check this one out. It has a very relaxed “friends talking games” feel. The hosts are informed and fun to listen to, and the audio is good. What more could you ask for in an MMO-cast? ­čÖé

Listen to it here or download it from the site.

Download it here.

If you haven’t yet, check out the MMO Voices social network. It’s a project put on by Beau and Leala Turkey with a simple theme in mind: MMO bloggers unite!

Check them out, you’ll be happy you did.

Okay, I’m done being linky now. Off to bed I go and it’s only 1:54AM. The horror ­čśë

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  1. Kromus

    Windows 7 is awwesome ­čśÇ — and yeah I agree with WoW setting standards for other MMos, but more importantly…


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