Happy birthday, self!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pop in an let you know that I probably won’t be reporting on any gaming today, since it’s my 23rd birthday. I have an exam in the morning but, once that’s done, it should be an exciting day. I’m getting my latest short story critiqued in my fiction workshop and coming home to a nice dinner with my wife. Dinner is set to be followed by a scrumptious banana cream pie. I haven’t had one of those in a long time now and, well, pie>cake.

Maybe I’ll prove myself wrong, hey, who knows. As a little gift to myself, I’m considering stopping in at my local Gamestop just after midnight to pick up the copy of Dragon Age: Origins my dad pre-ordered for me. I have a feeling that he must have been pretty embarrassed actually buying something from a video game store, so maybe I’ll make the leap and go out late. I have a strict “it’s not worth it” policy when it comes to that kind of thing though so… I’ll report in on Tuesday 🙂

Until then!

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