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One laptop to rule them all…

A quick note of the geekiest kind: computer hardware. Even though I’m not in a position to do any big upgrades, I still like to keep an eye on hardware prices. The best site I’ve found for quality and variety is Newegg. Tonight, I thought I’d look far outside of my grasp and price some new notebooks. That’s when I came across this baby.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, that’s your best bet right there.  Seriously, if Frodo had this thing, the ring would probably still be in a drawer somewhere while he tried again at Onyxia. It’s packing an nVidia GTX 260M, 4 gigs of ram, and a 2.53GHz dual core processor. That and a 320GB hard drive all for $1299 dollars. That price right there is why I love Newegg. Oh yeah, and we musn’t forget, it has wicked cool blue lights under the keyboard and on the lid that rival even the most epic of moon That price right there is why I love Newegg.

That PC has all of the power you need to run virtually any game on the market at the moment. Granted, the processor is a little slower compared to its desktop counterparts but considering the best you could affordably get was 2.1GHz only 18 months ago, that’s not bad at all. Besides, unlike the GPU, it’s upgradable.

This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just that when you keep an eye on hardware prices for a while, it’s really enough to make your head spin. Those 18 months ago, I spent the same amount on my current laptop which has an 8600GTM with half the memory, a little over half the hard drive space, and a 2.1GHz processor. With how quickly hardware gets outdated, it’s a buyers market. As long as you don’t mind seeing prices drop right after you decide to buy something. That’s pretty much a given.

It’s nights like this when I wish I had that bathtub of expendable money I’ve daydreamed about for the last well… I’m 22, so, what’s that, about 17 years?

/Sigh. Someday, when I’m the monopoly man and raiding the community chest, I’ll be able to buy something like that. $1300 on a computer was something I’d probably look at as a pre-marriage purchase. It’s funny how a wife makes you responsible. I have to wonder if husbands do the same thing for their wives but somehow I think not.


  1. Spinks

    Some people have spouses who work so you actually increase your income but get to pool living costs. So you both buy fancy laptops 🙂

  2. admin@gamebynight.com

    Hehe. If only I could convince my wife of the merits of owning a gaming laptop 🙂

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