The 7 Best Space-Themed Slot Games

Slot games today are out of this world. We don’t just mean they showcase cool bonus features and awesome 3D graphics. We mean you can now find slot games that are literally set out of this world, on foreign planets and in galaxies far, faraway.

Here’s our pick of the 7 best space-themed slot games on the market. They’re packed to burst with aliens, stars, rocket ships and astronauts. You’ll find them ready to play at all the best online casino sites, so go check them out.

# 7: Stars Awakening

Blastoff into space in Stars Awakening. This slot game’s a good shout for those dreaming of winning the big bucks. Every spin provides up to 243 different ways to win and gives you the chance to land a Giant Planet Symbol. These symbols can eclipse up to 3 reels at once, making huge 5-of-a-kind winning combinations possible.

# 6: Alien Hunter

We’ll admit the graphics look a bit dated compared to other slot games on the market. But the abundance of bonus features makes Alien Hunter well worth a spin.There’s an Egg Hunt Bonus where you crack open the eggs of extra-terrestrials for prizes. Plus, there’s a really neat Hunting Bonus. This lets you shoot and trap aliens for cash.

# 5: Cowboys & Aliens

Based on the 2006 comic book, Cowboys & Aliens shows you what happens when a spaceship crash lands in the Wild West. The graphics are awesome, retaining something of a comic book feel. But the best thing about this slot isn’t how it looks – it’s the Alien Attack Bonus. Kill the extra-terrestrials intent on destroying planet earth and you’ll be rewarded with generous cash prizes.

# 4: Astro Magic

Whether you’re big into astrology or not, Astro Magic could set you on the path to future riches. This slot game is designed around the 12 constellations of the zodiac and comes with some pretty shiny bonus features. There’s an Instant Bonus where you can find immediate access to Free Spins and Win Multipliers, as well as a Galaxy Bonus starring a 4,950-coin jackpot.

# 3: Astro Babes

Join forces with Bonny, Roxy, Violet, Betsy and Gwen. These 5 intergalactic beauties are the stars of Astro Babes, a 100-payline slot game. Each babe has the power to create a Fully-Wild Reel to help you find more winning combinations. There’s also a decent Free Spins Bonus, where you’ll be blasted into hyperspace with up to 50 free hits of the spin button.

# 2: Space Wars

Get involved in the battle that’s been raging between the inhabitants of two different planets for centuries. Space Wars is a slot game offering 40 bet lines of action and a promising 96.8% RTP. Our favourite feature of the game is the Cloning Pod Re-Spin Bonus. Watch winning symbols get sucked into the Cloning Pod, before being duplicated and shot back out onto the reels as they’re re-spun. Chances are this will create some nice winning combinations.

# 1: Starburst

No doubt one of the most popular slot games of all time, Starburst is a cosmic force to be reckoned with. It boasts fast-paced yet incredibly simple gameplay,making it ideal for new and seasoned slot players alike. There’s no aliens to speak and only one real bonus feature – but this feature it’s so awesome you certainly won’t be left wanting for more. Every time a Starburst Wild Symbol lands on the central reel, it expands and lock in place before generating a free re-spin. This should help you win bigger and better cash prizes.

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