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The Evolution of Grand Theft Auto (Infographic)

Can you name many games that surpassed a billion dollars in 72 hours? Didn’t think so, but we bet you can name one. Grand Theft Auto 5, the most recent (albeit now 5 year old) entry into developer Rockstar’s action packed crime series broke every possible record there is on its release, pushing an already hugely popular franchise to the very top. Beginning its journey as a humble, quite poorly designed top down action game, the series has come on leaps and bounds. This infographic courtesy of the team over at Paddy Power online gaming sites

Let us know if you’re a GTA fan in the comments!


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  1. Jurnell

    Grand Theft Auto indeed came a far way since the early days. GTA 5 is still going really strong and generating a lot of sales even in 2018. Can’t wait to see what they are going to do for GTA 6.

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