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Hi Everyone!

Long time no see! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you a) found the site through a google search or blogroll link, or b) are trying to find me for my work at MMORPG.com. If you haven’t heard, that’s my new home now. Though, “new” probably isn’t the best descriptor anymore. I started with MMORPG as a columnist back in 2013 covering a wide range of MMORPGs, then focused in on RIFT, while spearheading the official podcast. When my son was born, I switched off to become the resident RPG columnist. Over the almost five years I’ve been part of the team, I discovered a deep running passion for hardware and peripherals and made it my mission to build up that side of the site. That hard work paid off and I was made the Hardware Editor, handling virtually everything on that side of the things while still doing the occasional RPG, MMO, or VR review.

If you’re with a company and finding this, sorry about that. It’s not the easiest to find my contact information on the site. I’ve added it to the sidebar, but you can reach me directly at:


If you’re interested in what I’m doing these days and how I’ve found myself  the owner of fifteen mechanical keyboards this year, give me a shout over at MMORPG.com.


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