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PSA: Site re-design done!

Hi Guys,

Just hopping on to let you know that I finally got around to re-designing the site. It should be a bit less busy text-wise and a little more colorful (I like color). Please let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to be honest. Also, I cleaned up my blogroll to get rid of dead links. If your site doesn’t appear over to the right, shoot me an email and I’ll get it added. I hope you enjoy the new look!

– Chris


  1. Jon Bard

    Liking the redesign, very cool!

    I’m not sure if it is my browser or something but the whole page is acting as a onClick function. If i click anywhere it redirects me back to your home page..

  2. Jon Bard

    offending line of code i think!

  3. Jon Bard

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