Six reasons to avoid TERA like the plague

TERA had its open beta this weekend and I didn’t even consider taking part. Why? Because the game is doomed before it’s even launched. I know there are enough doom callers and naysayers in this community but hear me out.

The first indicator this game was in trouble: Development Director leaves the company shortly after its Korean launch. That is never a good sign, especially when it’s a direct result of how the game was received by its main audience. And don’t mind the rumor tag on the article. It’s confirmed, just old and un-updated.

Second sign: Easterners don’t like this distinctly Eastern game. All signs point towards TERA being a grindfest, which oddly enough is a trait they like over there. So when the first audience leaves en masse before the first six months has even passed, my magic eight ball says that something is majorly lacking in the design and execution department.

Third sign: They’ve taken months NOT westernizing their game… During the “westernization process.” If you read any of the beta reports recently you’ll see a common complaint is the distinctly eastern design. Kill and collect, rinse and repeat. Although they did change the upskirts to panties instead of thongs. It begs the question, what have they been doing all these months? My theory: the main development team is in Korea desperately trying to salvage things there while F2P is already underway for the states and EU.

Sign four: Sex appeal is not a feature. Cartoon ass is not sexy. Moreover the majority of teens and twenty somethings think people who get off on video game art are weird. TERA may as well be TnA Online, which screams of over compensation more than a 50 year old in a Beamer.

Sign five: They don’t understand us in the slightest. If they think MMOFO which some douche-bro representative is what will get through to us they’re completely oblivious. Not to mention, the uninspired “westernization” shows they pretty much don’t get any of the changes in the last five years of games or our expectations. More importantly, they don’t get what we now find fun.

And finally: They’re liars. TERA is not even close to being the first true action MMO nor is it even original in how it does it. TERA’s combat is a mediocre attempt at emulating what consoles and other games have already done far better. They just think you won’t notice that they’re feeding you a pile of crap and calling it fine cuisine. This is a disturbing trend in gaming, companies making patently false claims (biggest content update in history, Call of Duty… really? The Witcher 2 and dozens of other games beg to differ).

So there you have it. Signs from above that TERA not launching F2P is just to cash in on their most dedicated and soon to be ex-fans. I’ll pass.

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