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It’s been a little quiet around here this week but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until next week for a post! I’ve been working for Vagary this week and having a great time doing it. Did someone mention a vidcast? It’s not just me, though. Over the last year, Vagary has brought on a bunch of skilled writers whose passion for video games ranks up with our very own. So, this Saturday morning let me direct your attention to what me and my esteemed colleagues have been up to:

  • Review: RAGE: You won’t like him when he’s angry. That’s all I have for this incredibly non-descriptive named game. Thankfully, I didn’t write the review. Instead, we secured copies for every platform and give you a multi-platform breakdown with a great main article by Don Parsons. It’s worth a read if you’re on the fence!
  • Why Battlefield Hasn’t Beat CoD… but Why They’re Closer Than Ever Before: The Battlefield 3 beta is good. No, really, you should be playing it. Unless you have a fear of warzones, in which case CoD is probably a better match for you. I wrote this one.
  • XBLA Review: Orcs Must Die: Tune in today for what every good Alliance player already knows. Tony Odett knocked this one out and did a good job of it. Seriously, we need to kill some orcs.
  • Film Review: “Drive”: Jeff Derrickson sits through Ryan Gosling to write this excellent review. Literally, he sits on a jello version of Ryan Gosling and kind of “pops” through him. Kinda creepy.
  • PSN Review: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: Multiplayer Castlevania. A game series that kicked my ass without somebody else watching. If New Super Mario Bros. taught me anything, it’s that other players get frustrated quickly when they’re teamed with Suckity McSucksuck. Yes, folks, I’m Scottish.
I think I may make this rundown a regular thing. We’re all working extremely hard — hat tip to Don Parsons for being our “PR Guy” and a wonderful writer — and I know you’d all enjoy getting the “average gamer” review in a world of conglomerates. And op-ed. And podcasts. Hell, if you can consume we probably have something for you to enjoy. If you’re so inclined, leave us a comment of subscribe to the RSS. We’re up for review by Metacritic in January and have some wonderful sponsors that would love to hear your opinion (no survey but they keep an eye on our site).

Just in case anyone’s wondering, my work at Vagary doesn’t effect things here. That’s my “professional” writing gig. This is 100-percent me, baby. Game By Night because I’m too lude in the day.

Or something like that.

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