Techies! I need your help — which RAM should I keep?

Hi Guys, I need your help. This post isn’t about MMOs but if you have some tech know-how, I’d really appreciate your opinion. I need all the input I can get.

This weekend has been trying. I put together a new motherboard/CPU/RAM combo and made the mistake of not checking what RAM the motherboard manufacturer had certified. Since yesterday, I’ve been getting loads of BSODs and it has absolutely been driving me nuts. — At this point we break to thank Ferrel for his unending patience and advice — Most of them have the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT message, which indicates bad drivers or RAM. I ran memtest for about 10 passes and got nothing, so I proceeded to format and re-install windows, then updated everything possible through the manufacturer website. Next load up, blue screen with a random driver message. Little later, same thing; random driver message. I was frustrated, so I rolled my BIOS back to its earliest version, the one that shipped with it, and I seemed to be stable. Hour or so later, you guessed it, BSOD but now we’re back to the PFN_LIST being corrupt. Ugh.

Throughout all this, I’d explored different memory kits Gigabyte’s certified with this board. To meet my 16GB 1600MHz goal, I have two options based on that list. Please click the links below for their full tel specs.

  •  A new 2x4GB 8GB total kit: To get to 16GB here, the most natural option is going to be to just buy two sets. As I’ve read repeatedly in the many RAM site’s I’ve been visiting, pushing two kits together can cause issues, though hopefully easy to fix.
  • A new 4x4GB 16GB  total kit: This kit isn’t listed on Gigabyte QVL list at all, though the product number is only slightly different, which leads me to believe their in the same series. There is a question lingering in my mind. It wants to know if the difference in product numbers has more to do with selling them as a set of matched four, rather than anything that would prevent it from running like its certified brother in point one.
The question then, is do I install two certified 8-gig kits, probably not tested to work with each other or across all four slots, or one maybe-should-be full 16-gig kit that should at least run amongst itself; how the system handles it is anybody’s guess. 
I’m leaning toward using two 8-gig kits, because at least they’ve been certified independently. What do I know, though. I’m throwing this one out  there to you in the hopes that someone might have a better idea on what would be the best choice. Once the new ones are installed, I hope to never see another driver or PFN_LIST bluescreen again in my life.
Thank you guys. Even if you don’t have a ton of really technical know-how, if you’ve been in this situation, or know just enough to share what you’d do in my shoes, I’d really appreciate hearing it.

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