Really… That’s It?

Update: Actually, as of 6PM PST the entire thing is over. No warning, nothing.

That’s it? Really? We’re into Phase 3?

Let me just say how disappointed I am right now. If you’ve been following RIFT at all, you probably know about this big world event they’re having. That’s great. I’ve been following it and loved that it added a sense of danger to the land. Phase 1 went on for two weeks. Today, the game moved ahead into Phase 2. They didn’t give a specific time, just a window 1-3PM PST. The event happened and lasted for under a half an hour on Sunrest, the server I play on.

I didn’t know that until I texted Jeremy this afternoon asking him what he thought of it. I texted Ferrel asking him the same. He didn’t know. He hadn’t been on in time and the event was over.

“Over?” I asked. “Like, over over?!”

“Yeah,” he replied. “It’s into Phase Three.”

Which according to the devs on the RIFT podcast is the wind-down, aftermath part of it.

So we go from two weeks of infinitely respawning zone events into a one-shot, hit it or miss it finale? And on top of that, no one expected their to be queues when planning this? There are reports of queues over a thousand players long on the forums. Sorry?

The amount of planning that went into this over the last two weeks and no one said, “hey, maybe we should let more people see this?” That kind of flies in the face of getting people into the lore. Here’s the beginning. Here’s the end. Sorry, someone will have to tell you about the most important part.

It also kind of undoes a lot of that tricksy-ness of releasing an event timed perfectly to keep people subbed, don’t you think? I have to think that the majority of players who missed their 20-minute window are going to feel pretty cheated. And by something they should have walked away from thinking “Oh, cool. I want more of this.”

I find myself so disappointed less because of missing the event as it was and more because it seems like such an incredible oversight for Trion. I mean, these are the people that delivered on every expectation we had. This is the dream team of MMO developers whose experience showed in all the little, quality of life, polished-to-a-sheen details that so elevated RIFT over nearly every major release in the last few years.

So… really, that’s it?

Time to hit YouTube.

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