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Caught the Steam Bug

Wow, talk about an effective sale. If you haven’t noticed — and if you play anything other than MMOs, you probably have — Steam is running a huge holiday sale. All of the price cuts are big but some go beyond that into the realm of “crazy cheap.” We’re talking $30 games for six bucks.

I’ve been on the internet for a while, so I’ve heard about these sales before but never really took the bait. Honestly, I didn’t understand it. People would talk about how “insane” their price cuts were, but anytime I looked it was like 20% off a game I had no interest in anyways. This time is different. They’re offering price cuts on almost everything — to the point where I’m buying things I never would have before. That’s effective marketing.

This last week I picked up three games. I grabbed Wings of Prey, a game I’d played the demo of a while back and enjoyed; Battlefield: Bad  Company 2, a game so frustratingly “realistic” that I traded in my console version — it was six dollars, how could I not get it again?; and The Witcher, which I’d heard good things about, but never really gave much thought. Out of those, I’ve played Bad Company 2. And yes, it’s just as frustrating as it ever was, compounded by the fact that I’m totally new to PC shooters. The Witcher was a massive 15GB install, so that’s just finishing up downloading. Wings of Prey I honestly don’t feel much compulsion to load up, but someday I will and that’s the point.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go over and have a look. You can get Mass Effect 2 for $10. That alone makes the sale worthwhile.

*Note – They update their sales every day at noon (EST) so keep checking back.


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  1. Andrew

    I absolutely love Steam… it’s reinvigorated PC gaming – and not just for me, but the industry as a whole.

    This year’s sales are actually tame compared to last year’s if you can believe it – I’m STILL trying to dig out of the mountain of games I purchased from them last Christmas. =)

    Enjoy the Witcher…. and here’s the advice I got that helped me a lot: the game WILL bog down when you first arrive in Vizima; tough it out, because once you get through the original muddle and really come to terms with what they’re trying to do the game is immensely rewarding.
    Andrew recently posted..A very Nintendo Christmas

  2. Jomu

    i’m hooked too; i have poor download speeds, but the price is right =)
    Jomu recently posted..No Rift Preview

  3. KalibreOnline -Games, Life and Ent

    Yea, I have a friend that has 400+ Steam games. I have a couple of games that I think I am going to play (like Mass Effect 2 for 9.99) but lucky for me I haven’t gone crazy. BTW Check out amazon for Star Trek Online (digital release) at $2 and $5 (Collector’s Ed: $6).

    Viva Steam!
    KalibreOnline -Games, Life and Ent recently posted..WTF- Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Is Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1

  4. Bronte

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. That is absolutely ridiculous, 75% off games… sheesh…
    Bronte recently posted..“I Once Lost a Friend” or “It Gets Better”

  5. Maxivik

    I never really cared for the steam platform much before, as I felt it was always a little bit of a system hog and kind of buggy… but now having several new games there, I found myself turning off WoW and playing a bunch of the new and old games.. I played counter strike for the first time in years last night. I have to admit it is kind of nice having the option to bounce from game to game on the same platform… maybe I won’t un install it this time!

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