Gearscore Becomes Playerscore… Oh Crap.

Note: This post is about the addon Gearscore, recently bought by Ten Ton Hammer, and its evolution into “Playerscore.” PS rates the person behind the keyboard instead of just their gear. It’s like an e-peen meter mixed with a popularity contest.

My days of douchebaggery are done people! Done. No longer can I /strut or /flex in an instance and get away with it. No more can I  boot people because they “suxxors.” And, holy crap, no longer will you find me AFKing at the start of a dungeon, oh no.

You know what? I think I might even have to re-assess what it means to be a “good player” in modern day WoW.  Now that people can give me a thumbs up or thumbs down and proclaim to the world my caliber as a person, it’s time to look again at where exactly my priorities are. Bios will be the first to go. People don’t like to wait. And when my sister comes over, if she, like, falls or something, that kid is on her own. The mage needs his badges! But, so help me, if he doesn’t come packing a Fish Feast he is SO done. I wonder how I can get full a set of full epics at level 82? This will require some thought!

Maybe there’s an upside to this. If I have to think about them, they have to think about me too! I’m the tank, healer, and that means the DPS die before I hit 50% health. And, hunter? Pull another group and I will so down-vote you. And, hey, DPS? My groups have a 6k minimum… and that’s if you don’t want a vote at all. 5999? No good-thumb for you! 5998? L2P and GTFO. You have officially made the black list.

Needless to say, I find this utterly retarded. Do we really need another way to rank each other? Theoretically, having a d-bag rating is a good idea. In practice, the average WoW PuG is too self-centered to ever make this work. Real life happens but try to tell that to Legollas. The baby can wait, amirite? The only thing this does is give the mouth-breathers more power than they’ve ever had. This addon is based on altruism that the Internet Meanie Theory (NSFW) says probably won’t exist.

My question: where’s the recourse once everyone realizes they can downvote people whenever they choose?

Maybe it won’t pick up. It’s not like anyone uses gearscore anyways. Link.

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