Super Mario Bros. 3: Redone With Modern Graphics

Now this is pretty cool.

Someone went and redid the entire Super Mario Bros. 3 game — the best Mario, in my opinion — with modern day graphics. Modern for the DS, that is, but it’s still pretty cool.

It’s all based on the Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros. engine, so there are some differences as well as additions. The blue shell is in but the cutaway black end-screens are gone. Some of the graphics aren’t exactly as they should be but as close as the creator could get them with the engine available. He’s also included a new coin collection element, ala NSMB. He’s also included a bunch of bonus levels and mini-games.

I’ve had a chance to play through it for about an hour this morning and it brought back all kinds of memories. Namely, sitting on the carpet and blowing into the cartridge hoping to see that red curtain and checkboard floor. I was never very good at the more advanced levels but it sure was fun seeing how far I could get.

There’s a great video on YouTube highlighting the coolest stuff. Check it out.

Thanks to the Flex Your Geek podcast for the tip.

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