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Le Sigh… Er, Make That /Sigh

Update: And here’s this week’s Lagwar article: The War on the Subscription. Enjoy!

Forgive me interwebz, for while the doors to my virtual haunt have been open, I haven’t been here to keep you company. It’s always unfortunate when I’m pulled away right when the ol’ blog gets a round of attention (thanks Massively!). It’s been a week full of subbing (the teaching kind, not MMOs), visiting with friends, and generally being tired off my butt. Gaming has been pretty scant but I have managed to get a little done.

I managed to snag a few rounds Modern Warfare 2, hit prestige level 37, and have some fun. At this stage in the game’s life, though, it’s full of people who’ve hit max level multiple times, know the best camping spots, and have their grenade launchers perpetually lifted. Rounds are little more than a series of explosions. I’m not even being jaded– I like the game– but, literally, that accounts for like 90% of the game’s sound now. It all feels like it’s on life support now, too. With Black Ops coming next month, it doesn’t seem like Infinity Ward much cares about adding to or improving the game. There’s one well known glitch on the Fuel map that’s been in since the start. How hard would it be to simply patch the darn thing out? Make the whole area unenterable. Problem solved. But, I digress…

I also played a little Final Fantasy 14 and got my ass kicked by a giant chicken. Syp is posting about ravens, but the Dodos are where the real fury is at. My little lala’fell went through all the guild leve’s at Camp Drybone with no problem until it came time to face the chickens. A few pecks later and I’m flat on my back looking at the dark parts of Foghorn Leghorn. I managed to hit physical level 12 (have we accepted PL or just level for that yet?) and rank 9 Gladiator/7 Pugilist. I’m also working on my armorsmithing. Oh! And my crap broke. I need stuff repaired but I have no idea where to go to get it done. After my wife dozes off tonight, I’m heading back to Ul’dah to hold up a  “will grind for food repairs” sign.

Random note. Why I like substituting elementary more than high school:

Senior Jock (ignoring his science lab): Hey, teacher, look at me do the t**ty dance. *makes his pecs bounce, winks at the girls nearby* Come on, do it with me.
6th Grader (on the computer): Teacher, look! Have you seen this new 3DS thing?

That actually happened… in the same day.

Anyways, it’s been a busy week. Hey, since I FAILED YOU UNENDINGLY since Tuesday, let me make it up to you with a smattering of Lagwar Friday articles:

Today’s article isn’t up quite yet but it will be soon. I quite dramatically titled it “The War on the Subscription” *cue ominous music*. I considered Blizzard or Die, Sub Hard: Debit With a Vengeance, and a Vampire in Sublyn: A Wes Craven Film Syeric of Lagwar Article, but I think what I chose fits best. I’ll update this post with a link to it when it goes live. Enjoy! And comment, if you’d be so kind. I need more comments over there. It makes me feel valued 😀

Oh, and that Scarybooster guy is pretty funny. He needs LOVE TO SURVIVE. GIVE HIM YOUR INTERNET LOVE OR FEEL HIS OMINOUS WRATH *cue creepy themesong music*. Nah, he’s a good guy though and fun to read. You probably already know him but I’m hoping this sends him some clicks. Besides, he loves you back.

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