Why Fallout 3 doesn’t do it for me:

Since Fallout 3 came out last year, people have been practically going crazy over the game.  With the continual arrival of new expansion packs to keep the game fresh there appears to be no end in sight for the behemoth adventure of the kid from Vault 101.

Don’t get me wrong, this game has a lot to do and a lot of ground to cover – which, generally speaking is a good thing.  However, is there a point where too much becomes too daunting and no longer is fun or innovative?  A point where quantity becomes a novelty vice a necessity?  I would have to say yes, and Fallout 3 being the crown jewel of my argument.

Fallout 3 is really a non-linear RPG; which sometimes can be fun but in this case is much more annoying.  The vast options of things to do and places to go really can put you in a bad spot, especially in a world where EVERYTHING is aggressive.  It seems that just trying to get to the main plot points in chronological order can be daunting.

Here’s my experience:

“Okay, going to try to get to the Radio Tower.”
“Fuck a mutant!  Turn around…”
“Fuck a mutant!  Okay hiding.”
“Fuck a mutant!  Running, running, running.”
“Whew, its only an ant…”
“Fuck its an ant with fire breath!”
“Fuck I am dying!”
“Fuck I’m dead…”

I have several friends who worship this game and apparently didn’t have the issues I’ve had.  Now either I’m retarded, which I don’t think is that likely – or this game just appeals to the people who love annoyingly complex games.  Calling Fallout 3 complex is really a compliment though.  I’m more tempted to say its just poorly designed instead of complex.  There should be some type of way to at least accomplish the primary plot elements without being killed a bajillion times on the way and have at least some small margin for error.  Fallout 3 has none.

Friends of mine said I should start with Oblivion first and it would make Fallout 3 easier, which I tried – and guess what?  Oblivion sucks too!  Same shit, different theme.  I know they’re built on the same engine but there could have been a bit more thought put into Fallout 3 to hide the fact is really oblivion.

In short – Bethesda sucks.  Their motto should be – “Making games for gamer snobs”

Anyone else feel this way?

– Ryan

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