Fallen Earth “Lends a Hand” to Creative Player

Courtest of Lagwar.com

This was too cool to pass up. One of my teammates over at Lagwar sent in a fan letter to the Fallen Earth team… on the back of a head. No, I’m being for real. He sent a full-RP letter, written on the back of a skull, and demanded swag. I’m not sure if he really expected a response when he sent it, but it was definitely a unique gesture. Their response was just as cool.

A few days later, poor Xerb came home to a package from Icarus Studios. Opening it up, he found a return letter… written on the back of a severed hand. Apparently, they wanted to “lend a hand” with his scavenging. This kind of player-company interaction can only be found in the games industry. I have to wonder, this thing looks like a custom job, but could it have been lying around the office? An employee a fan of Fangoria maybe?

Thanks to Xerb and Icarus for the laugh!

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