Two Cataclysm Beta Videos

Hi Guys,

Short post for now. I finished up the Worgen introduction and was surprised to find that it got even better. At one point, you’re blasting at dozens of enemies with a cannon. Ones that get too close get blown backwards. The introduction is by far the best I’ve played in an MMO.

I’m not sure how I’m going to progress now. I had been planning on making a goblin when the game officially launches, but after seeing them in the character creator, I’m not sure I want to anymore. Their hairstyles are bad to the point where I’d just assume be bald. Here’s hoping that they add some more before launch. Being a Worgen is neat, though, so I may just switch up now and roll a goblin for the rest of beta. If I can keep my preferred race’s content fresh for launch, I’ll be a happy man.

Anyhow, I took a couple of videos of my time. The first one is a tour of the character creator so I could get familiar with Fraps, The second is by request and is of the Worgen rogue stealth and racial ability animations. I’m planning on doing another of Hyjal, but I’m waiting on getting a character transferred over.


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