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Speaking of going into a drought, that’s pretty much blogging in the days surrounding the launch of a new MMO. Since I’m not writing about STO, the interest in the blog has been markedly lower than usual since the headstart began. I always found it kind of interesting that, by watching blogs, you can get a good gauge of the ebb and flow of the MMO community. When all of you Star Trek players stand up and look around, remember, Game by Night said Hello first! 😀

Edit: By the way, the next comment officially marks 500 for the site. A small milestone but a milestone nonetheless. It should be you!


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  1. Maxivik


  2. Mark

    damn 501…..anyway I’m sad to say I just cannot get into sto no matter how hard I try which really sucks b/c i preordered the digital deluxe from direct2drive and have no way to get a refund lol.

    1. Donny

      :Just about all I can express is, I don’t know what to raelly say! Except of course, for the fantastic tips which have been shared using this blog. I’ll think of a million fun methods to read the articles on this site. I’m sure I will ultimately take a step with your tips on those things I could never have been able to take care of alone. You are so clever to allow me to be one of those to profit from your valuable information. Please know how a great deal I enjoy the whole thing.

  3. Pauw

    501! That’s also something xD.
    Been following your blog for some time now, and it never gets bored!
    Thanks for all the work :).
    Still need to listen to 4 podcasts, but I’l do that when I have time. Looking forward to it!

  4. Pauw

    Ok, not 501, but 502 ánd 503! Got beaten with by one minute xD.
    Just to have something to say, thank you again.

  5. Kromus


  6. Chris

    Thanks guys!!

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