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What Happened to LotRO – How We Arrived at Free to Play

Wow, I’m shocked. When I read the news on Massively this morning, I had to sit and let it sink in for a minute: LotRO is going Free to Play this fall. Wow. Which was quickly followed by, how will this impact the game and what does this mean for my lifetime subscription? More importantly, …

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So long, Dungeon Runners – January 1st, 2010

Dungeon Runners was a game that I never played as much as I meant to. It’s funny how that tends to happen more with MMOs than any other kind of game I’m interested in. I’d dabbled from time to time, shot a few fireballs and earned some loot. But, it was always a filler for …

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Is DDO for me?

Since DDO is now officially Free-to-Play, my mind predictably floats towards downloading it again. I participated in the beta, if you care to call it that. Unfortunately, at the time I was also actively playing Aion and one of them had to be cut; the choice was obvious. What I did play, I liked. The …

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