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Victoria University Enterprise Agreement 2019

I also note that neither the university nor the union itself has contacted the department about this. As I said, it was first discussed in the media and I look forward to learning more about what the department has been able to learn from its requests with the management of Victoria University. Professor Ling said that even if all the terms were agreed with the university, they would still offer some of the best holiday benefits in Victoria and the highest paid parental leave in the entire sector. Last year, the university, which serves West Melbourne and teaches vocational skills and higher education, posted a deficit of $29.2 million for revenue of $444 million. The result was almost three times the previous year`s deficit and for the fourth year in a row, it was in the red. Tierney (Minister for Training and Qualifications) — I thank the hon. member for his question. In terms of the measures I can take, I understand that the action is quite limited because of the law that covers the university and the responsibilities of the Commonwealth. However, as I said in my substantive response, the department is asking questions and I have asked for a full list of courses that may be affected by other measures that can be taken at the university with respect to academic and support staff. As soon as I receive this advice, I look forward to another discussion with you. Among the conditions that the university intends to request are an increase in working time from 8 a.m.

to 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., greater flexibility for the higher education directorate in negotiating redundancy packages and a management right to recruit new employees on fixed-term contracts. Melbourne`s Victoria University has called on employees to vote “yes” to a company deal that increases staff working time and streamlines dispute resolution processes as the university faces a deteriorating financial deficit. Lorraine Ling says the proposed corporate agreement is “the best possible offer VU can make to employees now and for the next four years.” Professor Ling said they would offer employees a 7.18 percent increase over the duration of the deal that would last until 2022. In 2019, we launched VU`s People Strategy 2019-2020 to create the best environment for all employees. Welcoming and capable, it is supportive, inclusive and committed to diversity. Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) – My question today is for Minister Tierney, and I am asking this question on behalf of a friend of mine, Paul Adams. Victoria University (VU) has targeted Paul Adams, David Garland and Stuart Martin, all local officials of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), for dismissal. This comes just before the start of negotiations on the enterprise contract. VU`s behavior over the past few months regarding the way they handled the layoffs has been quite brutal.