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Hs Anhalt Learning Agreement

The training program includes secondary and primary subjects, the studies of which end with the completion of design work. It is recommended that foreign students pay special attention to language learning: a basic course is not enough, it is necessary to focus on a special and professional German vocabulary. Benefits and assistance for international students: The General Orientation of Anhalt University informs interested students about study opportunities, degrees, admission conditions and restrictions, study conditions as well as the content, structure and requirements of each course. The DIA office at the University of Dessau helps students answer all questions related to their studies, including application, enrollment, semester updates, and degree. After successful authorization, the DIA Office guides interested students through the registration and enrollment process. The programme coordinators and the International Office/Office académique de l`étranger provide support services to international students throughout their stay at Anhalt University (social and academic). For more information, see: www.hs-anhalt.de/international/international-students.htmlInternational Coordinator/Dessau Campus: Ms. Yili Lu Arrival Support: The Campus Coordinator, Ms. Yili Lu, helps regular students and exchange students find accommodation and work on paper. For day-to-day practical business, there is also a strong community of DIA students who communicate via social media. The Academic Office Abroad (AAA) runs a study programme for international students at the three sites of Anhalt University. This includes pre- and post-arrival assistance (pick-up service, local information about the university and place of residence, etc.).

Interested international students should speak to their prospective students in Anhalt before and after their arrival if they want a buddy. At the beginning of the semester, the Anhalt University sites in Kothen, Bernburg and Dessau host different formats of meetings/welcome weeks for international students. For more information, see: www.hs-anhalt.de/international/international-students.html Anhalt University Library is a scientific, public library that provides literature and information to interested academics and citizens. . . .