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Employee Mobile Device Agreement

To protect sensitive company data, employees should have IT install “Remote Wipe” software on their personal devices before using the devices for work. This software makes it possible to remotely delete company-related data in case of loss or theft of the device. Deleting company data can impact other applications and data. Staff members authorised to use personal equipment under this Directive shall receive an agreed monthly grant on the basis of the position and estimated use of the equipment. If an employee receives or currently has a plan above the monthly grant, [company name] is not responsible for the cost difference. In the event of termination or termination of the employment relationship or at any time upon request, the employee may be asked to present the personal equipment for inspection. All company data on personal devices is removed from IT after the termination of the employment relationship. Employees may not use their personal devices for business purposes during unpaid leave without management`s permission. [Company Name] reserves the right to disable the company`s application and access to the employee`s personal device during unpaid leave. To ensure the security of information [company name], authorized employees must have installed antivirus and MDM (Mobile Device Management) software on their personal mobile devices. This MDM software stores all company-related information, including calendars, emails, and other applications in a password-protected and secure area. [Company name] IT must install this software before using the personal device for business purposes.

Employees are expected to protect personal devices used for business purposes from loss, damage or theft. Employees of [company name] may have the option to use their personal electronic devices for work purposes if they have been previously approved in writing by the employee and management. Personal electronic devices include mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. [Company Name] is not responsible for the loss or deterioration of applications or personal data resulting from the use of enterprise applications or the deletion of corporate information. Personnel must immediately inform management if their personal equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. If the computer cannot repair the device, the employee is responsible for the cost of the exchange. Employees whose personal devices have camera, video or recording capability may not use these functions anywhere in the building or on the company site at any time, unless previously authorized by management. Employees whose professional duties consist of driving regularly or occasionally are expected to forego the use of their personal devices during the journey. Regardless of the circumstances, including slowness or stopping traffic, staff should get to the side of the road and stop the vehicle safely before making a call, accepting or texting. . .