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Dog Buying Agreement

The fact that these requests were discussed by e-mail with the breeder for months was never mentioned. When I made the $1000 count when the puppy was born and I asked for a contract, the breeder only replied that there was a contract that he mentioned in a message talking about puppy food and other items he was going to deliver. His incisive mention that there was a contract did not give me the impression that it was anything other than a typical puppy purchase contract. He had months to explain that his contract was much more involved than usual. He knew, as I clearly told him, that I was going to show the puppies (I thought it could be a little local show once or twice in my kennel clubs), but that my main interest was to train him in obedience and more active activities. In short, I feel deceived and the breeder probably suspected that I did not want to buy a puppy with these claims of breeders contained in the deal. I think that is why he only provided a copy of the treaty at the last minute and I was not able to understand and make a thoughtful decision. I had already paid 2000 dollars, I rode eight hours and I had the puppy on my lap. No matter how much research you do or how many books you read, in the end, buying a puppy is a leap of faith. You trust that the breeder has done his best to produce a healthy and well-adapted puppy, and the breeder trusts that you will take care of your new family member, hopefully long enough to see his gray muzzle.

Ideally, at every step of the way, the breeder is available for questions, worries and, in the end, a shoulder to cry on. I bought a show quality puppy, yes, which would give me the opportunity to show my dog if I chose him. The Seller entrusts to the Buyer all responsibilities, privileges and rights related to the possession of a purebred dog (the sex of the dog) from the date indicated below to the Buyer….