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Delta Mid Market Sales Agreement

Delta is simplifying and expanding its enterprise account contract simplification initiative. These additions build on the success of Legal-Easy, a process launched last year with the aim of reducing the duration of the contract by 80% and simplifying contractual terminology. The new initiatives extend the current offer to three main areas: further simplification of contracts, streamlining the tendering process and improving marketing. Young continues, “Getting to market quickly is also essential for our partners, which is why we`ve tried to reduce the errors that occur during the sign-up process. We are also working to ensure that there is a standardized process that reduces the time spent sending data for verification. » Action period: 1 December 2020 – 31 January 2021. During the Action Period, Delta Air Lines authorizes the donation of unused corporate tickets to qualified SkyBonus accounts through the SkyBonus Small Program, associated with Delta`s SkyBonus Points Donation Campaign. The allocation of eligible accounts is at Delta`s discretion. Donors cannot indicate a specific account for the transfer of their tickets. The value of unused tickets will be converted into SkyBonus points and points will be transferred to selected SkyBonus accounts in accordance with the skyBonus Support Small Program Rules.

Open to all active CSA (Corporate Sales Agreement) and Mid Market Sales Agreement (MSA) accounts. Tickets must be marketed and issued by Delta, cannot be used or expire at the time of donation, and must contain the corporate ticket designator of the account. Donations from Delta eCredits are also permitted. There are no minimum donation rules that apply to tickets. Once the transaction is complete, tickets and eCredits are transferred from the CSA or MSA account and cannot be cancelled. Donations to SkyBonus Support Small Program accounts are not tax deductible for mid-market business agreement accounts or Delta accounts. All the terms of each ticket and the terms of the applicable business sale agreement and intermediate sales contracts apply. Delta Agency partners who manage a Delta Mid Market account can now access our award-winning global sales support on behalf of Delta Mid Market customers.

These accounts can be detected by designs that start with XM. In addition, these accounts are awarded to Delta Edge Points as a benefit of their corporate agreement with Delta, which can be redeemed for rate flexibility and ticketed with premium exceptions using the MSA Corporate PIN assigned to Global Sales Support for Self-Service. As part of your relationship and corporate agreement with Delta, you have access to delta`s new name change offer. This program allows you to change names on totally unused and non-refundable tickets for a fee without redeeming Edge Points. Distribution contracts for global and multinational companies now have an evolving structure that allows airline contractors to be even more easily involved, as well as a consolidated and intuitive commercial pricing structure. Building on the simplicity of our national distribution agreements, these enhancements offer customers a single global contract with all of the airline`s partners, now including aeromexico. Medium size never means in the middle of the road, which is why we offer enterprise products to meet the unique needs of all businesses, regardless of the size of their business. Delta Mid-Market sales agreements are designed for accounts that spend at least $300,000 per year on Delta and its partners. In addition to early discounts, our MSA customers benefit from premium service from a dedicated sales representative and personalized reporting….