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Saco Collective Agreement

In most cases, agreements offer you better terms than you may be able to negotiate in an individual contract or that the law offers you the right. You can get more days off or a week of work shorter than the legal minimum. Among other things, the law does not mention overtime compensation, but only the number of hours allowed. Collective agreements deal with issues that are not regulated by law and often add to the rights and benefits you already have under the law. Collective agreements cover, among other things, your working time and salary, the right to annual salary review, overtime, pensions, welfare benefits, sickness benefits, insurance coverage, notice and the number of days off. If you work for a company without a collective agreement, there may be a good level of benefits in the form of a work-last pension solution, parental leave pay supplements and annual salary review. As a general rule, they are governed by a directive developed by the employer. Therefore, the employer can decide unilaterally and at any time to change the terms of the worst – without negotiating with you. We offer support and advice to our members on these issues.

Do you know what rules and rules apply to work? Collective agreements and the Swedish model ensure that you have the same rights and benefits as your colleagues. Our members and we are historic because we are part of the Swedish model. The Swedish model was founded in 1938 and means that our working conditions are largely governed by collective agreements and that labour law imposes only a minimum level. The content of the collective agreement is negotiated between unions and employers. The conditions we have today cannot be taken for granted, because there is a constant struggle between employers and us union representatives over what conditions should be. For us to be a strong negotiator, we need active trade union organizations and a large number of members. Finally, and not least, a collective agreement can make a big difference in your portfolio. For example, if you have a collective agreement, you get more compensation if you are at home with your child, if you are sick or unlucky enough to suffer a workplace injury. A collective agreement also has a really positive effect on your pension and the difference can amount to hundreds of thousands of kronor on the day of their work. Try it yourself in the computer below! To see and calculate how your income would be affected in different situations, depending on whether or not you have a collective agreement, visit knegdeg.se, a website run by PTK on behalf of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and other organizations. STOCKHOLM – June 3, 2020 – Paradox Interactive, publisher and developer of games that collectively are a boon, today announced the upcoming conclusion of a collective agreement between the company and the unions of its employees, Unionen and SACO.