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Recs International Agreement

Here are the final meeting details for Baden, December 1 and 2, 2016. For any questions, contact secretariat@recs.org The default agreement is reached to allow users to fill in the variable information about each trade, while the legal text and formatting remain unchanged. This allows small entrants or new entrants to easily negotiate a single go market, without focusing primarily on the contractual agreement behind the exchanges. Mt. Stonegate helps customers gain global access to local green energy certificates such as the Japanese Green Energy Certificate (YEC) and the Chinese Green Energy Certificate (GECC) in Asia, the Guarantee of Origin (GO) in Europe and the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) in North America. With our international partners around the world and our experience in the energy field, Mt. Stonegate offers a service from an Oder-Stop station and further expands the portfolio of services to meet the needs of customers. The RECS International EECS-GO type agreement is available to all market participants, regardless of their membership in RECS International. I-RECs ensure that the energy supplied to the end consumer comes from renewable sources and is recognized by key global sustainability indicators as an instrument that contributes to the achievement of national and international renewable energy targets. On June 29, 2017, RECS International, in collaboration with DLA Piper, held a webinar on MiFID II developments and its impact on go trade. Andreas Gunst`s lecture is only available to RECS International members and can be viewed below. Please contact the secretariat for any questions you have secretariat@recs.org or directly at DLA Piper Andreas.Gunst@dlapiper.com In collaboration with the RECS International Legal Task Force, the RECS International Secretariat has published the revised European Energy Certificate System – standard guarantee for single delivery. More than 35 active participants from 25 different organizations helped the RECS International secretariat develop the standard agreement.

Overview of the original warranty market. Members of RECS International can request data sheets from this report from the secretariat: secretariat@recs.org Please submit your comments to the secretariat by February 6, 2014. You can get the secretariat of the secretariat@recs.org As the leading market player based in Asia, Mt.Stonegate is active since the supply of I-REC in the countries of Asia and Southeast Asia. In addition, our CEO, Jules Chuang, is one of the founders and board members of I-REC Standard. We are also working closely with the Chinese authorities to explore the possibilities offered by I-REC in China (for more information, see www.internationalrec.org/news/minutes-meetings-with-chinese-nea-and-nric). The judgment in favour of the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) in the case of Vindkraft AB/. The Advocate General did not respond to the General Counsel`s previous opinion. This result allows protectionist national electricity promotion programmes to continue, encouraging producers to apply for the highest subsidies instead of the most cost-effective generation. RECS International is concerned that renewable energy production will be slowed down cost-effectively, complicating Europe`s much-needed energy transition. By limiting international competition, this stoppage will also keep the cost of supporting European renewable energy at a high level and reduce the competitiveness of European industries. RECS International believes that, as a last resort, consumers will pay the price for this decision in the form of higher taxes, tariffs and royalties, if the alternative was to promote cheap renewable energy produced where it is most efficient. To download the full text of the press release, click on the link below.