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Michigan State Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

Issues relating to union affiliation, royalty payments or the Michigan Freedom of Work Act are available on the website of the Department of Licens and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Employment Relations www.michigan.gov/merc or contact the department with the information below. U11 – Institutional Unit – This unit includes all non-professional classifications that provide indirect or direct services to patients or residents of public bodies, with the exception of criminal safety classifications. This unit employs approximately 1,649 people. The Michigan Civil Service Commission has introduced a rule on worker-employer relations, which establishes a collective bargaining system to determine terms of employment, including the compensation of classified state information. After the election of an exclusive representative, all conditions of employment of the unit`s staff are determined by the negotiation between the position of state employer as the governor`s representative and the exclusive representative. The rule provides that the State Staff Director establishes bargaining units for legitimate workers in broad occupational categories with a community of interest. There are currently 11 tariff units that can be collectively negotiated; 10 units, representing about 71% of the state-ranked workforce, are represented by exclusive representatives. Supervisory, management and confidentiality staff are not eligible for exclusive representation and collective bargaining. A02 – Safety and regulation – staff of this unit is involved in one or more of the following activities: inspections or investigations aimed at detecting violations of federal or regional law, regulations, regulations; The application of these rules, regulations or statutes; estimate the nature, condition or sanitation of food, objects, activities or processes; protection of people, buildings, land or natural resources. This unit employs approximately 1,278 people.

C12 – Security Unit – This unit includes non-professional employees involved in the direct detention and treatment of detainees under the control of the Corrections Department and residents of public institutions for criminal lunatics. Approximately 6,012 employees are included in this unit. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory AffairsBureau of Employment Relations Cadillac Place 3026 W. Grand Boulevard, Suite 2-750 PO Box 02988 Detroit, MI 48202-2988 Tel: 313-456-3510 Fax: 313-456-3511 Email: ftwinfo@michigan.gov Y98, Y51, Y99 – Manager, Supervisor and Confidential Name – Executives, Supervisory Staff and Confidential Staff are not eligible for exclusive representation. Officers in these classes perform tasks within the meaning of Rule 9, definitions of the public service. There are approximately 2,557 executives, 4,975 superiors and 1,586 confidential employees. W22 – Human Services Unit – employees of this unit work in the fields of orientation, education, rehabilitation and other aids to the socially disabled or disadvantaged through the application of principles, theories, practices and methods learned through specific diplomas, training and experience.